Panipat Refinery

Panipat Refinery ( 108 KM From Delhi )

Panipat Refinery has doubled its refining capacity from 6 MMT/yr to 12 MMT/yr with the commissioning of its Expansion Project. Panipat Refinery is the seventh refinery of IndianOil. It is located in the historic district of Panipat in the state of Haryana and is about 23 km from Panipat City. The original refinery with 6 MMTPA capacity was built and commissioned in 1998 at a cost of Rs. 3868 crore (which includes Marketing&Pipelines installations).

The major secondary processing units of the Refinery include Catalytic Reforming Unit, Once Through Hydrocracker unit, Resid Fluidised Catalytic Cracking unit, Visbreaker unit, Bitumen blowing unit, Sulphur block and associated Auxiliary facilities. In order to improve diesel quality, a Diesel Hydro Desulphurisation Unit (DHDS) was subsequently commissioned in 1999.

Referred as one of India’s most modern refineries, Panipat Refinery was built using global technologies from IFP France; Haldor-Topsoe, Denmark; UNOCAL/UOP, USA; and Stone &Webster, USA. It processes a wide range of both indigenous and imported grades of crude oil. It receives crude from Vadinar through the 1370 km long Salaya-Mathura Pipeline which also supplies crude to Koyali and Mathura Refineries of IndianOil.

Petroleum products are transported through various modes like rail, road as well as environment-friendly pipelines. The Refinery caters to the high-consumption demand centres in North-Western India including the States of Haryana, Punjab, J &K, Himachal, Chandigarh, Uttaranchal, as well as parts of Rajasthan and Delhi.

The LPG produced from the refinery is pumped through a dedicated pipeline to IndianOil’s Kohand Bottling plant where bottling and bulk despatches are done. Panipat Refinery has also developed new products like 96 RON petrol, and sub-Zero diesel for the Indian army. It is already operating above 100% capacity for the last four years.

Panipat City Map